Si-Tec® Ceramic Shoes Increase Wear Life by 133%


Canica 65
00050121FE Si-Tec® Ceramic Shoes

Texas, USA
Sandstone & River Rock
2" Minus
"Shoe costs reduced by 60% with Si-Tec® Ceramics."
  • 5 shoe table with standard chrome shoes
  • Table speed of 1300 RPM
  • 125,000 Tons Annual Production
  • Standard chrome wear life of 3 X 8 hour shifts
  • Two sets per week used, 520 shoes per year

  • Increase wear life of shoes by using Si-Tec ® ceramic shoes
  • Reduce maintanance time for shoe change outs

  • Wear life improved to 7 X 8 hour shifts (133% improvement)
  • Usage reduced from 520 shoes per year to 260 per year (50% improvement)
  • Shoe costs reduced by 60% with Si-Tec® ceramics

Value delivered:
  • Maintenance time was reduced by 50% resulting in increased machine up-time and improved safety
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