Crusher Wear Parts Success Stories

Crusher Wear Parts Success Stories


Cemco 70
337-7143HS Feed Disk
337-7115HS Ceramic Shoe

2" Minus Sand Stone
"Feed disk wear life improved 35%, while shoe wear life improved by 41%, with an increase of 1,469 tons produced"
  • 5 Shoe table using 337-7115HS Ceramic shoes
  • 130 Tons per hour using a closed circuit (recirculating load)
  • Average Feed Disk wear life of 53 hours from brand X using standard high chrome
  • Increase wear life of feed disk
  • Improve wear pattern of shoes through Si-Tec® Feed Disk 337-7143HS
  • Lower maintainance costs with fewer change outs
  • Increased feed disk wear life from 53 hours to 71.8 hours over brand X standard chrome (35% improvement)
  • Si-Tec® Feed Disk provided additional 18.8 hours wear life compared to Brand X
  • Additional 2,444 tons of product produced with no change outs
Value Delivered:
  • Increased ceramic shoe wear life from 27.5 hours to 38.8 hours using Si-Tec® ceramic feed disk (41% improvement)
  • Additional 11.3 hours run time on shoes
  • Additional 1,469 tons of product produced with one less set of shoes


Cemco 96
0052611HS Ceramic Shoe

Clay with high silica content
"Si-Tec® shoe wear life provided 2.25x improvement"
  • Standard chrome four shoe table on Cemco 96
  • Standard chrome shoes last 4 shifts of 8 hours
  • Shoe change outs take four hours with two staff
  • Shoe cost per ton of $0.095 per set
  • Installation of Spokane Industries Si-Tec® ceramic Shoes
  • Double wear life from standard chrome shoes
  • Decrease change time and cost
  • Si-Tec® wear life of 9 shifts of 8 hours (2.25x improvement)
  • Change outs reduced from every 4 days to every 9 days (2.25x improvement)
Value Delivered:
  • Shoe cost per ton reduced from $0.095 to $0.057 (40% Improvement)
  • Reduction in change outs leads to improved safety and increased machine uptime.  


Kolberg-Pioneer - 4500
0059311HS Si-Tec® Ceramic Anvils

"Throughput increased from 97 tons per hour to 205 tons per hour."
  • 43”, 5 shoe table running at 1190 RPM
  • Standard high chrome anvil ring
  • Crushing produced high number of fines
  • Recirculation rate of 40%

  • Increase production per set of anvils
  • Decrease recirculation rate
  • Decrease production costs per ton

  • Throughput increased from 97 tons per hour to 205 tons per hour (111% improvement)
  • Recirculation rate decreased to 20% (50% improvement)

Value delivered:
  • Table speed reduced to 1040 RPM, reducing wear cost and machine maintainance
  • Anvil ring change out improvement results in increased machine up time and improved safety


Crush Boss 4156
0033035FE27 Si-Tec® Ceramic Blow Bar

Idaho, USA
Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP)
8" Minus
"Production improved from 22,000 tons per set to 27,500 tons per set, a 25% increase"
  • Horizontal impactor using four Spokane 003035FE27 Si-Tec® ceramic blow bars
  • 250 Tons/Hour input
  • Production of 22,000 tons per set of blow bars
  • Upgrade blow bar design to improve wear life and increase machine uptime
  • Reduce overall wear part costs
  • Production of 27,500 tons per set (25% improvement)
Value Delivered:
  • Maintained same input, output, and gradation while reducing wear parts cost


Canica 65
00050121FE Si-Tec® Ceramic Shoes

Texas, USA
Sandstone & River Rock
2" Minus
"Shoe costs reduced by 60% with Si-Tec® Ceramics."
  • 5 shoe table with standard chrome shoes
  • Table speed of 1300 RPM
  • 125,000 Tons Annual Production
  • Standard chrome wear life of 3 X 8 hour shifts
  • Two sets per week used, 520 shoes per year

  • Increase wear life of shoes by using Si-Tec ® ceramic shoes
  • Reduce maintanance time for shoe change outs

  • Wear life improved to 7 X 8 hour shifts (133% improvement)
  • Usage reduced from 520 shoes per year to 260 per year (50% improvement)
  • Shoe costs reduced by 60% with Si-Tec® ceramics

Value delivered:
  • Maintenance time was reduced by 50% resulting in increased machine up-time and improved safety


Spokane Model 66

Tennessee, USA
Sandstone Crusher
"Recirculation rate reduced from 25% to 12.5%, a 50% improvement."
  • 3 port rotor running at 1575 RPM with Spokane anvil ring
  • 100 tons per hour input. Material backed up in rotor causing frequent production interruptions
  • Output of 75 tons per hour
  • Recirculation rate of 25%

  • Installation of Spokane Industries 5 shoe table fitted with Si-Tec® ceramic shoes
  • Increase machine throughput
    Reduce table RPM
  • Reduce recirculation

  • 20% increase in input (100 to 120 Tons/Hour)
  • 50% Reduction in recirculation rate (25% to 12.5%)

Value delivered:
  • 40% Increase in throughput (75 to 105 tons/hour)
  • Table speed reduced to 1150 RPM, reducing wear cost, energy costs,  and machine maintenance
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