Si-Tec® Ceramic Shoes Reduce Wear Part Cost 40%


Cemco 96
0052611HS Ceramic Shoe

Clay with high silica content
"Si-Tec® shoe wear life provided 2.25x improvement"
  • Standard chrome four shoe table on Cemco 96
  • Standard chrome shoes last 4 shifts of 8 hours
  • Shoe change outs take four hours with two staff
  • Shoe cost per ton of $0.095 per set
  • Installation of Spokane Industries Si-Tec® ceramic Shoes
  • Double wear life from standard chrome shoes
  • Decrease change time and cost
  • Si-Tec® wear life of 9 shifts of 8 hours (2.25x improvement)
  • Change outs reduced from every 4 days to every 9 days (2.25x improvement)
Value Delivered:
  • Shoe cost per ton reduced from $0.095 to $0.057 (40% Improvement)
  • Reduction in change outs leads to improved safety and increased machine uptime.  

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