Production Tonnage Increased 111% Using Si-Tec® Technology


Kolberg-Pioneer - 4500
0059311HS Si-Tec® Ceramic Anvils

"Throughput increased from 97 tons per hour to 205 tons per hour."
  • 43”, 5 shoe table running at 1190 RPM
  • Standard high chrome anvil ring
  • Crushing produced high number of fines
  • Recirculation rate of 40%

  • Increase production per set of anvils
  • Decrease recirculation rate
  • Decrease production costs per ton

  • Throughput increased from 97 tons per hour to 205 tons per hour (111% improvement)
  • Recirculation rate decreased to 20% (50% improvement)

Value delivered:
  • Table speed reduced to 1040 RPM, reducing wear cost and machine maintainance
  • Anvil ring change out improvement results in increased machine up time and improved safety

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