Design Improvements Reduce Wear Parts Cost per ton by 25%


Crush Boss 4156
0033035FE27 Si-Tec® Ceramic Blow Bar

Idaho, USA
Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP)
8" Minus
"Production improved from 22,000 tons per set to 27,500 tons per set, a 25% increase"
  • Horizontal impactor using four Spokane 003035FE27 Si-Tec® ceramic blow bars
  • 250 Tons/Hour input
  • Production of 22,000 tons per set of blow bars
  • Upgrade blow bar design to improve wear life and increase machine uptime
  • Reduce overall wear part costs
  • Production of 27,500 tons per set (25% improvement)
Value Delivered:
  • Maintained same input, output, and gradation while reducing wear parts cost

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