HandiFueler™ UAV Fuel Service Cart

So useful and easy to use...

...You might say it's "Handi!"

HandiFueler™ UAV Fuel Service Cart

All control functions

At your fingertips

HandiFueler™ UAV Fuel Service Cart

Always ready to perform

Fuel, Defuel. Fluids, too!

The HandiFueler™ UAV Fuel Service Cart is engineered to provide an efficient solution to the challenges of servicing UAVs. With the HandiFueler™, a single trip is all that is necessary to service fuel and fluids. And, the HandiFueler™ is just as adept at defueling as it is at refueling. With the flick of one valve, the HandiFueler™ is ready to defuel.

The refuel/defuel hose can connect to SPR receptacles, tanks sump points, or through a tank filler neck (for overwing style tanks).

All routine UAV servicing requirements are at the operator's fingertips: The HandiFueler™ is equipped to handle all normal routine UAV servicing of fuel, fluids. The open design of the pump platform provides easy access to all controls and safety equipment.

HandiFueler™ sports a full defuel capability: Rigid or flex defuel wands replace the refuel nozzle to fit most fuel tank filler necks. Mode configuring takes only seconds and is as simple as turning a valve. Removed fuel is fully filtered with the dual-stage filtration system before going back into the tank. The system can recirculate fuel through the filters, if required.