2 X Wear Life Using Si-Tec® Technology

Canica 100
005-0111-FE Ceramic Shoe
005-0143-FE Ceramic Feed Disk
California, USA
"50% Less Change outs and 25% reduction in wear parts acquisition costs."
  • Standard chrome shoes last 2 X 10 hour shifts
  • Standard chrome feed disks last 6 X 10 hour shifts
  • Increase wear life of shoes by using Si-Tec®
  • Increase wear life of feed disks by using Si-Tec®
  • Shoes ran for 4 X 10 hour shifts - 2X improvement
  • Feed disk ran for 15 X 10 hour shifts - 2.5X improvement
Value Delivered:
  • 50% Less change outs resulting in increased machine uptime and improved safety
  • 25% reduction in wear part acquisition cost

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