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No Drain Bowser is FASTER, CLEANER, or SAFER!
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welcome  to SealVac!
The SealVac® Vacuum Fuel Drain Bowser from Spokane Industries® is the innovative aircraft vacuum fuel drain bowser that is FASTER, CLEANER, and SAFER than you ever imagined.
The SealVac Vacuum Fuel Drain Bowser quickly and safely slashes fuel draining and depuddling times from hours to minutes so aircraft maintenance can proceed without delay. The SealVac speeds fuel maintenance like nothing else!
how  is a SealVac Plus+ different?
The SealVac Plus+ Fuel Drain Bowser was designed to meet the needs of today’s “Do More With Less” mindset, while allowing a precious resource to be recycled and reused. The Plus+ model has several key feature additions over the basic SealVac.
The SealVac® Plus+: All the same efficiency boosting features of the SealVac®, plus:
Filter removed fuel with aviation grade filtration technology:  The SealVac Plus+ offers an aviation grade coalescing filter element.  This filtering system remove particulates and water from the reclaimed fuel. Secondary filtration (fuel drying monitor type) available as an option for even cleaner fuel.
who  uses SealVac?
Air Canada
Alaska Air
British Airways
Delta Airlines
El-Al Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines
Hungary AF
JetBlue Airways
KAI Aerospace
Kuwait AF
L3 Aerospace
Latham Airlines
Lockheed Martin
Marshall Aerospace
US Navy
Northrop Grumman
Poland AF
Qatar Airways
Saudia Airways
US Army
United Airlines
Royal Romanian Air Force
BAE Systems
BAE Systems
Horizon Air
why  do we need SealVac?
The SealVac Fuel Bowser attaches to aircraft sump points with supplied drain tools employing a compressed air generated vacuum seal.  A vacuum enabled drain hose attaches to the tool, efficiently evacuating fuel from the sump at rates many times faster than gravity draining, potentially saving hours of time on each maintenance action. Our customers tells us the SealVac is about 80% faster than other methods using gravity draining.

Typical fuel drain rates are around 10 - 12 gallons per minute - this is per drain hose, of which the SealVac can handle as many as 4 at a time!  Compare that to gravity draining, which can be a little as 1/2 gallon per minute.
The SealVac bowser drain tools seal tightly around fuel sump drain points.  Fuel is vacuumed down the hose into the double-walled stainless steel holding tank, and not allowed to drip and dribble on the ground.
Using the drain hose assembly, even residual drops of fuel are captured, without spill a single drop on the ground - an important environmental consideration for today's managers and maintainers.
Exposure to aircraft fuel of any kind is not good for one's health. The gravity method of draining an aircraft fuel tank is a dirty job. It is almost impossible to open a sump and get out of the way without getting some personal fuel exposure. The SealVac vacuum fuel drain bowser can truly make routine exposure to fuel a thing of the past and allow the maintainer to complete the job of prepping a tank for maintenance without exposure to fuel. The SealVac system is the solution you have been looking for! 

Just some of the SealVac's safety features:

> Carbon impregnated, static dissipating duplex drain and depuddling hoses prevent static buildup

> Double-walled, stainless steel collection tank self-contains possible leaks

> Automatic failsafe shutoff mechanism prevents overfilling collection tank

> Vacuum breaker prevents damage to aircraft fuel tanks, as well as protecting the SealVac itself

Using the SealVac, you can eliminate personal exposure to aircraft fuel when performing maintenance requiring sump draining! We recommend using the SealVac manual and online training videos before using the equipment for the first time. Within a short period, your maintenance team will be proficiently draining fuel from aircraft, often without spilling a single drop of fuel!
numbers  tell the story.
"On average, the SealVac System is about 80% FASTER than gravity draining fuel, while being much CLEANER and SAFER at the same time!"*

80% FASTER fuel draining is in reach!

Stop waiting around and get the plane flying again!
Time saved using SealVac Vacuum Fuel Drain System on a Lockheed Martin C-130H (anti-slosh foam in wing tanks, full aircraft drain)
Gravity Draining Alone:  72 HOURS

Using SealVac System:  2 HOURS!

Time saved using SealVac Vacuum Fuel Drain System on a Airbus A330 (Full aircraft drain)

Gravity Draining Alone:  14 HOURS

Using SealVac System:  2 HOURS!

*Observed flow rates are dependent on many factors including fuel volume, aircraft make/model, sump size, air source pressure/volume, and others. Stated flow rates are typical, but may not be realized in all situations.
see  SealVac.
  • A SealVac fuel bowser training session beginning at USCG Station Elizabeth City, NC
  • Sealvac Fuel Bowser with F-15E Strike Eagle at Bagram Air Base
  • CPL Daniel Popic uses a SealVac on an RAAF F/A-18A Hornet at RAAF Base Williamtown
  • A SealVac being prepared to remove fuel on an RAAF F/A-18A Hornet at RAAF Base Williamtown
  • The SealVac fuel bowser with the Airbus A400M in Seville, Spain
  • The Indian Navy's Boeing P-8 Poseidon patrol plane with theSealVac fuel bowser at Boeing Renton
  • GE Aviation uses the SealVac fuel bowser at it's aircraft reclamation facility in Greenwood, MS
  • A round SealVac fuel bowser vacuum drain tool on a centerline sump on a B-1B bomber
  • Setting a SealVac fuel drain bowser up for a fuel drain at USCG Station Sacramento, CA
  • Qantas uses the SealVac fuel bowser for fuel system maintenance
  • Maintainers useing the SealVac fuel drain bowser at NW Airlines (now Delta) maintenance facility, Detroit, MI
  • A SealVac Plus+ bowser at ANG Fresno, CA
  • A 400 gallon SealVac Plus+ bowser is shown
  • Three SealVac fuel drain bowsers stand ready at United TechOps facility at SFO
  • The aviation grade filter and pneumatic pump on the rear of a SealVac Plus+ bowser
  • This is a 200 gallon SealVac fuel drain bowser in USAF AGE Grey
  • A SealVac fuel drain bowser in use at USCG Station Sacramento, CA
  • A optional SealVac fuel drain bowser remote drain funnel for reach low mounted sumps/drains
  • A test fit of an oblong SealVac fuel bowser vacuum drain tool on a CV-22 Osprey
  • With a little patience, a SealVac fuel drain bowser vacuum drain tool can be fitted to some pretty tight locations!
  • Embraer uses the SealVac fuel drain bowser at it's Mesa AZ maintenance facility
  • This is an A320 SealVac fuel drain bowser vacuum drain tool, designed to fit right up against the wing/body join
  • Training on the SealVac fuel drain bowser at Shaw AFB, SC
  • The USAF Thunderbirds rely on the SealVac vacuum fuel drain bowser!
  • Maintenance troops at Fairchild AFB, WA learning how to use the SealVac bowser
  • Warner-Robins ALC in GA uses the SealVac fuel bowser on a C-5B aircraft
  • Qatar Airways maintainers getting acquainted with their new Sealvac Plus+ fuel bowsers
  • A user mod to attach a vent hose to the SealVac fuel drain bowser. Contact us for sources.
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines maintainers training on the Sealvac fuel bowser
  • A SealVac fuel bowser near a USAF B-1B bomber
  • Two SealVac Plus+ fuel bowsers near a Qatar B777 in Doha
  • Attaching a SealVac fuel drain bowser vacuum drain tool is easy with the included alignment tool
  • SealVac fuel drain bowser vacuum drain tool is vacuumed up, sealed, and draining fuel
  • SealVac fuel drain bowsers in use on a Boeing 747-8i at Paine Field, Everett, WA
  • Personel from Saudi Arabian Airlines taking a break from SealVac fuel drain bowser training
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines maintainers towing a SealVac fuel bowser after a job
  • A round SealVac fuel drain bowser vacuum drain tool on a B-1B bomber sump
  • Personnel from FedEx LAX learning how to use a SealVac vacuum fuel drain bowser
  • A SealVac fuel drain bowser ready for use on a USAF B-1B bomber
  • Filming a SealVac fuel drain bowser training video at Fairchild AFB, WA. The video is available on this website
  • A SealVac fuel drain bowser in use on a Horizon Airlines (Alaska) Q400 for weight and balance prep
  • A group of Boeing 737 maintenance techs training on SealVac bowser use at Boeing Renton
  • Some SealVac fuel drain bowser vacuum drain tools engineered for different applications
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SealVac Overview Video

SealVac Troubleshooting Video

SealVac Training Video

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The SealVac is offered in two models: SealVac and SealVac Plus+.
SealVac Brochure
SealVac Brochure
SealVac Manual (commercial manual only. - T.O. 37A12-25-1 available from USAF) Legacy bowser manuals may be available - Please call
SealVac Manual (commercial manual only.  - T.O. 37A12-25-1 available from USAF)     Legacy bowser manuals may be available - Please call
Sealvac Plus+ Brochure
Sealvac Plus+ Brochure
SealVac Users World-Wide
Users of SealVac Fuel Bowser
SealVac+ Plus Manual
SealVac+ Plus Manual
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The SealVac is available via GSA Contract

The SealVac is available via GSA Contract
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The SealVac System is protected by US and International patents, including: US 5117876, US 6860300, US 7171990 B2   SealVac is a registered trademark (®) of Spokane Industries
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