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Meet  the HandiFueler!
The HandiFueler® from Spokane Industries is engineered to provide a safe and efficient solution to the challenges of servicing aircraft Aerospace Ground Equipment/Ground Support Equipment. With the HandiFueler, a single daily trip is all that is necessary to service fuel, fluids, and tires.
All routine servicing requirements are at the operator’s fingertips: The HandiFueler is equipped to handle all daily routine AGE / GSE servicing of fuel (refueler / defueler), fluids, and tires. The open design of the pump platform provides easy access to all controls and safety equipment, without trapping dangerous fuel vapors. The HandiFueler has proven itself in conditions around the world, from arctic to desert environments, and everything in between.
why  do we need HandiFueler?
Using the HandiFueler to perform daily fuel, fluid, and tire servicing will save a TON of time compared to towing each piece of AGE individually back to the yard for servicing. In fact, feedback received from enthusiastic HandiFueler users indicates using it is about 75% faster than towing equipment all day.
We have worked hard to make sure the HandiFueler Ground Support Service Cart is a safe and easy to use. Hundreds of users around the world continue to use the HandiFueler safely every day.

Some of the thoughtful safety features include (get ready, it's a long list!):

-  Low profile tank makes overturning practically impossible
-  Double-walled stainless steel tank self-contains any possible leaks; easy to access inspection port on tank bottom
-  Open design of pump platform prevents dangerous buildup of fuel vapors
-  Auto-recirculate valve protects pump overheating by preventing "dead-heading" when nozzle is not in operation
-  Lockable top manway and fuel fill port prevents fuel contamination (No crewchiefs dumping used oil into your fuel supply)
-  Top fill with z shaped internal tube; prevents static buildup from free-fall of fuel during cart filling operations
-  All sealed LED lighting; in addition to low current draw, LED lamps run cool for safe operation around fuel vapors
-  Carbon impregnated fuel hose; prevents static generation and buildup during fueleing/defueling
-  Emergency kill "E-Stop" button allows immediate shutdown of pump in an emergency situation
- 10 pound "Purple K" fire extinguisher mounted for fast access in an emergency
- Bonding cable to equalize static voltage potential between refueler and equipment under service; stops spark generation from moving fuel
- Aviation grade coalescing filter; removes particulates and water from fuel
- All electical components are UL/CE rated
- Oversized spill kit (PIG); respond to accidental spills from Handifueler, and the ability to respond to spills from other sources
- Automatic shutoff fuel nozzle (not to be confused with auto-locking nozzle; this "unsafe" feature has been disabled)
- Fuel flow is about 15 GPM, very similar to the automotive gas station experience
- Sealed, leakproof Optima batteries provide long run time with full safety in a fueling environment
- Metal (NEMA) electrical box, grounded and sealed against vapors and weather
- Clear cover over electrical box terminal to prevent electric shock
- 10 gallon air bottle with overpressure protection provides air to the Tire Service Station
- Aggressive non-skid material applied to side steps to prevent slipping
numbers  tell the story.
"Daily servicing of our line equipment used to take 2 airmen a full shift - with the HandiFueler, 1 or 2 people complete the job in an hour or two. AGE servicing is at least 75% faster now that we use the HandiFueler!

Service AGE about 75% faster with HandiFueler!

Boosts productivity by freeing personnel for other tasks.

Minimizing unnecessary towing of AGE for daily servicing eliminates the wasteful wear and tear on tires, wheel bearings, and other components.
Unnecessary wear and tear on tires, bearings, and other components.

Less Towing = Less Wear!  Servicing AGE in place means components last longer, saves money, and prevents wasteful, unnecessary labor!

who  uses HandiFueler?
The HandiFueler is trusted daily by ground support personnel around the world.
Charleston AFB, SC  -  Holloman AFB, NM  -  Travis AFB, CA  -  Sigonella NAS, Italy  -  New York ANG, Westhampton, NY
more global locations
users  love HandiFueler!
Look  at HandiFueler.
  • A HandiFueler used to service a fuel truck at Spokane International AAirport (GEG).
  • An USAF airman inspecting a HandiFueler before it's put into daily service.
  • Two Air Force members filling a HandiFueler before using it to service AGE.
  • A HandiFueler being towed on a Air Force flightline.
  • A HandiFueler ready to go at an Airforce AGE yard.
  • A 600 gallon HandiFueler from the left side.
  • A 600 gallon HandiFueler from the front.
  • The right side of the HandiFueler showing the fluid stowage area and tire service station.
  • The rear of the HandiFueler - note the easy to use
  • A 600 gallon HandiFueler at a USAF AGE shop
  • The control area of the HandiFueler. Hose, meter, and control panel visible.
  • Note the HandiFueler's aviation grade Facet brand filter housing.
  • HandiFueler's now come equipped with excellent Great Plains pumps and meters.
  • The HandiFueler's Samlex AGM battery charger, which can also act as a power supple at the shop.
  • Closeup of the HandiFueler fluid stowage and tire service area.
  • The HandiFueler 10 gallon air bottle holds enough air to top off 3 or 4 tires.
  • The sidebox holding the HandiFueler's 2 Optima deep cycle AGM batteries.
  • HandiFueler is equipped with HD fork pockets, and a wheel chocks stowing basket.
  • All HandiFueler's are outfitted with HD tie down lugs for mobility transport.
  • The HandiFueler has a easy to access PPE stowage bin.
  • On the top of the HandiFueler's tank is a fill port, and manway. Both are lockable.
  • The HandiFueler sports and easy to use control panel.
  • Here are the HandiFueler's ridgid and flex defuel wands.
  • A user displaying the HandiFueler's ridgid defuel wand,
  • A user displaying the HandiFueler's flex defuel wand,
  • The HandiFueler is equipped with cool running and power-efficient LED lighting all around.
  • Another photo of the HandiFueler's external battery box.
  • A shot of the HandiFueler.
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