Spokane Industries® is a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality sand and investment castings, and is an innovator of specialized stainless steel metal fabricated products. We serve industries ranging from mining, energy and aggregate crushing to dental, food and beverage, aerospace and military applications. Our strengths are solving complex design challenges, developing new and innovative materials and solutions, and delivering a quality product on time, every time.

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It is easy to say you are innovative, but Spokane Industries® has the track record to prove it!

In our castings divisions we collaborate on award winning casting designs, actively engage in and lead industry materials development programs, develop and optimize processes for material performance, and have patented ceramic composites. Si-Tec® ceramic composites significantly increase wear life in aggregate and mining applications where there is high abrasion with medium impact.

Stainless steel tanks are the expertise of our metal products division. Here, we offer several patented solutions to difficult challenges that exist in diverse industries.

Our SealVac® Vacuum Fuel Drain System vacuums residual fuel from aircraft fuel tanks, expediting different forms of maintenance. The HandiFueler® Ground Support Service Cart brings fuel, fluid, and tire servicing ability to the ground support equipment at airport or air base ramps, empowering the user with one-stop service capabilities.

For the wine industry, we offer the patent pending CleanSweep® No Entry™ Fermenter. This innovative tank system automates the removal of skins and seeds (pomace) from red wine fermenters without affecting the quality of the juice. Personnel do not have to enter the hazardous environment inside the tank to complete this back-breaking task.

Of course, we offer a huge array of custom engineered and fabricated stainless steel tanks, in many configurations, in sizes to 43,000 gallons. Our products support the aviation, defense, food processing, beverage, biochemical, trasport, and agricultural industries.